Beach Information

Part of our campground includes a private beachfront area with diving boards, boats, and unique water toys (Eagle's Nest and Water-Totter)! Come spend the day laying out in the sand, cooling off in the water, and enjoying time with friends and family! Below you will find all the details on hours, pricing, and rules.

We do not allow fishing in our beach area. You may fish in the channel or out on the lake, away from the roped area and all water toys.


Our beach area is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, during our staffed hours only. Times are subject to change based on weather and staffing.

Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Saturday: 11am - 7pm

Sunday: 11:30am - 7pm



$2.50 per person

Children 3 and under are free!

Our nightly and seasonal campers get to swim for free!


Inner tube and mat floats - $1 (30 min.)

Kid's kayaks - $1 (30 min.)

Canoes - $3 (30 min.)

Paddle boat - $5 (30 min.)

Rowboats - $5/day

Pontoon - $100/day (please call for more details and availability)

Boat Launch

We have a boat ramp in the channel behind the beach. There is a $3 fee to launch your boat.

Beach Rules

Although we're all about fun here at Lukens Lake Resort, we do have rules in place to ensure that everyone has a safe and family-friendly experience while they are here.

  1. If you cannot swim, please stay inside the roped area. Parents, do not put your non-swimming child on the Eagle's Nest or Water-Totter.
  2. No life preservers or floats are allowed outside the ropes.
  3. No alcohol or glass on the beach. We reserve the right to check coolers.
  4. Do not be destructive to beach equipment (rocking piers, sitting or standing on the ropes, etc.)
  5. No pets are allowed on the beach.
  6. No harmful activities such as throwing rocks, pushing or horseplay, jumping too close to others in the water, etc.)
  7. No thong or partial thong style swimsuits.
  8. No swearing or foul language.
  9. Children ages 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  10. Listen to and be respectful of the lifeguards at all times!

Restrooms are also located in the please refrain from using the lake.

Lukens Lake Resort is not responsible for accidents, injuries, or theft. Swim and use the water equipment at your own risk. This property is privately owned. Please respect our posted rules and all staff, or you may be asked to leave.

Diving Board Rules

  • One person at a time.
  • Only one bounce on the diving board.
  • Jump straight forward off the board, not off the sides.
  • Do not jump on or close to anyone.
  • No backward straight jumps.
  • There is a weight limit of 250 lbs.

Slide Rules

  • Use the slide correctly (up the ladder, down the slide).
  • No jumping from the slide or ladder.
  • No floats, lifejackets, or swim-aids are allowed on the red slide.
  • Get the slide wet and look before you go. Do not land on anyone and move away from the end of the slide quickly.
  • No rocks or sand on the slides.

Eagle's Nest Rules

  • For your safety, you will be required to take a simple physical test before being allowed to use the Eagle's Nest.
  • One person at a time. All other people must wait behind the ropes (or equal distance away on lake side).
  • No helping someone on. If you cannot get on alone, do not use the Eagle's Nest.
  • No diving from Eagle's Nest.
  • Note that the Eagle's Nest works best for persons between the weight of 90-180 lbs.

Water-Totter Rules

  • For your safety, you will be required to take a simple physical test before being allowed to use the Water-Totter.
  • Only two people at a time. One person on each end (do not get on the same side).
  • All other people must wait behind the ropes, or an equal distance away.
  • No helping someone on. If you cannot get on alone, do not use the Water-Totter.
  • No diving from the Water-Totter.
  • When you fall off or jump off, move away as quickly as possible and keep your eye on where it is, so the Water-Totter does not spin around towards you unexpectedly.

See what others are saying!

"We love camping at Lukens Lake. The owners are awesome. Price includes water and electric! The lake toys are the best...water totter is a blast. Great church service on Sunday morning!" -Norma
"It is a nice place to get away for the weekend or a week. Fun, fun!!!" -Bruce
β€œIt's a safe place to be and very peaceful. You will want to come back!” -Brenda