Camping is our favorite. And we’re pretty sure you must love it too! Here at Lukens Lake we’re all about creating the most peaceful, relaxing, and family-friendly camping environment we can. There are well over 100 sites spread throughout the campground. Whether you like to be on the waterfront, in the woods, or even just out under the stars, there’s something for everyone. You’re welcome to stay for a night, or for the whole season! Availability varies, so please let us know as soon as know you’d like to visit. See the information below for camping rates and additional information.


Nightly - $25

Weekly - $150

Monthly - $400

Note to nightly campers: Nightly rate covers up to 6 family members (dad, mom, and up to 4 dependent children). There is an additional charge of $4 per overnight visitor, and $1 per daytime visitor. 

Regular Seasonal Site (water and electric) - $989  (Extended* - $1089)

Full Hookup Seasonal Site (water, electric, sewer) - $1150  (Extended* - $1250)

Lakeside Seasonal Site (water and electric) - $1207.50  (Extended* - $1307.50)

If seasonal rate is paid on or before the due date, a discount of 15% will be taken off the total.

*Extended Stay: More than 16 days out of a 30 day period.

Additional Information

All sites include water and electric. There are a number of sewer sites also, but we have a dump station available for non-sewer sites.

There is a bath house conveniently located in the center of the campground with restrooms and showers (handicap accessible).

While we encourage everyone to have a good time, we want to make sure that one person’s good time doesn’t ruin someone else’s. Since we are a family campground, there are certain rules and expectations for our guests to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable visit. Upon arriving you will receive these rules within the camping contract. Rules are determined and enforced at the discretion of Lukens Lake Resort’s owners, and subject to change as needed. Please help us to maintain a great environment for everyone!